Perpetuity is an independent music publisher founded in 2000 by Michael Gordon, with a focus on rights management and creative strategies.

Perpetuity has provided finance and business consultation to push some of the most successful UK artists into the worldwide charts.


Stefflon Don In 2013 Perpetuity launched it’s reinvestment plan focusing on artist development with the sole objective of giving overlooked artists with star potential a real chance to succeed.

Stefflon Don was first, our producers in London, Miami/LA recorded her initial album contributing to her signing a major label deal in 2016; Stefflon Don is now an internationally known recording artist.

You can hear the initial album here. 

(Image by Derrick Kakembo)


Giggs Congratulations as the mixtape “Wamp 2 Dem” opens into the UK charts at No.2 for “No BS Music & Island Records”. Perpetuity's writers have now gained more than 18 albums in the UK Charts.



Wretch 32 Smashing through the glass ceiling with ‘FR 32’, Wretch 32 proves there is no limit when it comes to growth. While some might have written him off after his last album, because it sort of just came and went, those same people will be forced to eat their words. Will Levan ( FL 32 is released on Polydor Records and has debuted at Number 12 in the UK National Charts  Perpetuity's writers have now gained more than 19 albums in the UK Charts.


Malv-On-The-Track's produced song "Addison Lee" hits number 57 on the UK national charts. Since its release in November 2016, the song has been slowly racking up millions of plays on YouTube, and dominating Instagram Stories in London. This summer the track has gained a second wind. It's played regularly on Radio 1 and London station Capital Xtra, and has re-entered the charts and become a low-key festival favourite. Even documentary maker Louis Theroux is intrigued by the song, according to a recent tweet. (David Renshaw / Fader Magazine).


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